Eastern Ontario Birding

Birding tours throughout beautiful, bird-rich eastern Ontario. My mission is to provide you with a friendly, informative and professional field birding experience.

Scarlet Tanager alarm(?) call - Over the winter and into the spring, I studied bird call notes. I am quite a ways off perfecting this skillset but I’m enjoying a growing familiarity with contact calls/alarm notes. Learning call notes really helps to hone in on birds of interest while waking through the woods
Mourning Warbler — first fall example with ID comments - Today, 15 August 2016, Richard Waters and I birded Britannia Conservation Area — a real migrant hotspot along the Ottawa River in the spring and fall. Our highlights included a Mourning Warbler and a Canada Warbler.
Babbling in the Bush - By late summer, one may begin to overhear garbled, tempo-less cacophonies of notes while out birding. From approximately August through until the following spring, “baby” songbirds “babble” as they take to learning and developing their songs.
Separating the yellowlegs - A nice study of an adult Lesser and an adult Greater at the Richmond Sewage Lagoons southwest of Ottawa.
Using cautionary prefixes when describing the appearance of birds - As a birder, when describing a feature that is pretty much “fixed”, like, say, the proportionately large bill of a Rose-breasted Grosbeak or the red coloration of an adult male cardinal, a cautionary prefix such as “averages” or “in most cases shows” is perhaps unnecessary.
An ID note on Swamp and Song Sparrow juveniles - Juvenile Swamp Sparrows are distinguished from juvenile Song Sparrows by examining a combination of features.
Developing confidence in the field: a note from experience… - This up-coming migration period, try getting out birding with birders with more field experience and mention ahead of time that you’re looking to work on (enter bird group name, i.e.: shorebirds or fall warblers) and call some of the ID’s, but would prefer to have them vetted for accuracy afterwards.
Learning Bird Songs & Calls: Dendroica, NatureInstruct - A superb platform for learning bird songs and calls. You can create your own study lists and quizzes and the samples of songs & photos for each species is comprehensive.