Eastern Ontario Birding

Welcome to Eastern Ontario Birding. My name is Jon Ruddy, and I am an Ottawa-based freelance birding guide, specializing in birding tours throughout eastern Ontario. I have birding outings fit for all levels of birders, from beginner to expert.  For a list of up-coming regularly schedule outings, as well as my Private Tour availability, please visit my Outing Schedule. I hope you enjoy the site!

Fall birding in Prince Edward County - On Monday, October 29th, while browsing Windy.com and Tropicaltidbits, I decided that it’d be a good idea to head to the south shore of Prince Edward County in search of “Big Game” birds; i.e. fall rarities.
Gulls at the Pembroke Dump - We were spoiled rotten with an exceptional gull study at the Pembroke dump today (15 November 2017). Birders must sign in at the front gate but are free afterwards to study gulls at close range within the facility grounds.
Peregrine Falcon hunting a Merlin - This morning (18 October 2018) I witnessed a breathtaking, long-winded chase overtop the crashing waves of the Ottawa River. I was viewing from near the lighthouse at Dick Bell Park. For nearly one minute (estimate) a juvenile Peregrine Falcon was slicing and dicing its way ever closer toward a succulent meal…
Fall/Winter birding tip - Early in the morning, especially after a particularly cold night, it’s a good idea to check southeast-facing tree lines, especially those consisting of conifers, for hawks and owls keeping clear of the wind and sunning themselves in the morning sun.
Cackling Geese in the East - In 2004 Cackling Geese were formally split from Canada Geese, and since then, birders have been keeping an eye out for them. This ID challenge is very much like a birders version of “Where’s Waldo?”
Winter Finch Forecast for 2018-19 - http://www.jeaniron.ca/2018/wff18.htm
The Sunlit Edge - By late-September/early-October, temperatures generally drop quite a bit overnight and do not rise again until mid to late morning. For early morning birding, look for edge habitat that is sunlit; these areas are warmer, drier, and usually, have plenty of insect activity.
Fall Waterfowl in the Ottawa Valley - Below are Line Graphs illustrating the frequency of observations of various species of waterfowl here in the Ottawa Valley. I selected the following counties to be included in the analysis: Ottawa, Leeds & Grenville, Lanark, Renfrew, and Prescott & Russell. The study years are from 2010 to 2018. Enjoy!