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Welcome to Eastern Ontario Birding. My name is Jon Ruddy, and I am an Ottawa-based freelance birding guide, specializing in birding tours throughout eastern Ontario. I have birding outings fit for all levels of birders, from beginner to expert.  For a list of up-coming regularly schedule outings, as well as my Private Tour availability, please visit my Outing Schedule. I hope you enjoy the site!

Peregrine Falcon hunting a Merlin - This morning (18 October 2018) I witnessed a breathtaking, long-winded chase overtop the crashing waves of the Ottawa River. I was viewing from near the lighthouse at Dick Bell Park. For nearly one minute (estimate) a juvenile Peregrine Falcon was slicing and dicing its way ever closer toward a succulent meal…
Field Birding Challenge - Hi everyone, Many of you are developing your field skills. Perhaps you’d be interested in putting them to the test? Below, I offer a Field Birding Challenge. From January 1st, 2019 to December 31st, 2019, in eastern Ontario, can you…
Fall/Winter birding tip - Early in the morning, especially after a particularly cold night, it’s a good idea to check southeast-facing tree lines, especially those consisting of conifers, for hawks and owls keeping clear of the wind and sunning themselves in the morning sun.
Cackling Geese in the East - In 2004 Cackling Geese were formally split from Canada Geese, and since then, birders have been keeping an eye out for them. This ID challenge is very much like a birders version of “Where’s Waldo?”
Winter Finch Forecast for 2018-19 - http://www.jeaniron.ca/2018/wff18.htm
The Sunlit Edge - By late-September/early-October, temperatures generally drop quite a bit overnight and do not rise again until mid to late morning. For early morning birding, look for edge habitat that is sunlit; these areas are warmer, drier, and usually, have plenty of insect activity.
Fall Waterfowl in the Ottawa Valley - Below are Line Graphs illustrating the frequency of observations of various species of waterfowl here in the Ottawa Valley. I selected the following counties to be included in the analysis: Ottawa, Leeds & Grenville, Lanark, Renfrew, and Prescott & Russell. The study years are from 2010 to 2018. Enjoy!
Guide to Fall Arrivals in Eastern Ontario - Hi there, Using eBird’s Explore Data — Bar Charts function, I created a variety of graphs, some highlighting frequency of observations, derived from the percentage of birder’s observations of a particular species / all checklists during a specific time frame, and others highlight the total number of individuals tallied during a particular timeframe.