Eastern Ontario Birding

Birding tours throughout beautiful, bird-rich eastern Ontario. My mission is to provide you with a friendly, informative and professional field birding experience.

Ontario Birds Raptor Quiz Answers - Hi everyone, Hope you enjoyed the quiz! Below are the answers. 1) Osprey: Bright white underneath w/ dark carpals and flight feathers. Very long wings (proportionally) w/ a significant ‘M’ shape while gliding.
40,000 views - Hi everyone, Just cracked the 40,000 page views barrier. Many thanks for visiting eontbird.ca!
“Tiny” Cooper’s Hawks - As much as they are the stuff of legendary online debates, they are even more polarizing in the field! Take your time with these “Tiny Tim’s” and be sure to assemble a suite of ID features when making your case for an ID.
Winter Break - Hi everyone, What an amazing year 2016 has been 🙂 Thanks for all of your support and it has been a pleasure learning about, and enjoying, birds with you.
Red-tailed x Red-shouldered Hawk in eastern Ontario - Hi everyone, On 28 November 2015, Brenda Evers and her friend Janice birded Howe Island Island. Janice took a bunch of photos of hawks and saved them to disk format and sent the disk to my house a few weeks later.
Richardson’s Cackling Geese in flight - I watched this flock of “Richardson’s” (hutchinsii) Cackling Geese from a distance and managed a pic as they flew overhead. At a distance, their small bodies, rapid wing beats and narrow “hands” were apparent.
Cooper’s vs. Sharp-shinned ID tip - When building a case for a successful ID of a juvenile Accipiter (Sharp-shinned or Cooper’s in particular), another feature to look for is the presence/absence of a tawny, streaky head, nape and mantle.
The Performer Self - When I first began birding, I never would have thought that picking up a pair of binoculars, looking through them and discussing birds would provide a voice for my Performer Self. Two striking examples of the Performer Self manifesting before an audience are seen at 1) concerts and 2) during competitive sports matches.