Eastern Ontario Birding

Birding tours throughout beautiful, bird-rich eastern Ontario. My mission is to provide you with a friendly, informative and professional field birding experience.

Target Birds in Eastern Ontario - For me, as far as 2017 tours go, first comes Point Pelee in May, then comes the Target Birding in Eastern Ontario trip. On 17 June 2017, our birding group birded along the southern edge of the Canadian Shield, from the eastern edge of Hastings County, through to Frontenac Provincial Park, near Verona.
Sedge Wrens: tales from a nomadic improvisor - Sedge Wrens are unique in that their songs are improvised, not learned. The variation to their song occurs during the ‘trrrrrrrrrrr’ portion, after the ‘cut-cut-cut’. Amazingly, males have repetoires of upwards of 300 different ‘trrrrrrrrrr’ notes.
Before there were birds, there was F1 - Rewind to a Sunday morning in April. The year is 1999. I am at the local Blockbuster Video in Barrhaven, browsing Nintendo 64 video game rentals. I decided to try out a racing game, called F-1 World Grand Prix.
Juvenile Northern Rough-winged Swallows - Juvenile Northern Rough-winged Swallows are a subtle-lover’s dream come true. The throat is suffused with cinnamon, and the lesser, median, and greater coverts (wing bars) are broadly brushed with cinnamon.
Nature’s Birdbath - By late May, midday temperatures generally will have risen quite a bit and the demand for fluids follows suit; birds need to drink and drink often throughout the day. Along your favorite trail or while birding your preferred ‘patch’, it’s a good idea to develop a mental map of the locations of mud puddles, streams … Continue reading Nature’s Birdbath
Notes on the Identification of Catharus Thrushes - Catharus thrush (Hermit, Swainson’s, Veery, Bicknell’s, and Gray-cheeked) identification can be quite a challenge.  I have uploaded some reference photos of Catharus thrushes, and included discussion of some of the key plumage details and identifying characteristics for each species.
Eastern Ontario Migration Update - Hi everyone, What a thrill it’s been taking in spring migration here in eastern Ontario. The birds have appeared so suddenly and in tremendous numbers, and also in great diversity!
Differentiating the Trilling Songsters - Below, I will attempt to highlight the differences between the trilling songsters most commonly encountered here in eastern Ontario! I hope you enjoy this segment 🙂