Eastern Ontario Birding

Birding tours throughout beautiful, bird-rich eastern Ontario. My mission is to provide you with a friendly, informative and professional field birding experience.

A Tale of Two Savannah’s - This morning (29 September 2016) I birded a promising new sparrow field. Sadly, this area is slated for development; a new kids park to be developed shortly. There were many Savannah Sparrows present at this site and what became apparent after about an hour of birding was that there were two subspecies present.
A note on Eastern (leucophrys) White-crowned Sparrows - Below is a photo of four immatures which are perhaps representative of birds hailing from the Hudson Bay region. Note here how on all of these birds the pale supercilium is not sharply constricted above the eye, with pale areas ‘invading’ the supra (above) loral (lores; area between bill and eye).
Goulbourn Sparrow Field - Late in the summer while running along the Trans Canada Trail, I began to flush small sparrows from the side of trail at this one spot near Iber Rd. @ the Trans Canada Trail. Always, the sparrows would ‘spray’ into the air and drop into a weedy field just S of the trail.
Golden Eagles at a Distance - Golden Eagles are large-bodied, have long and broad wings, lengthy “hands” (primaries), and have a proportionally small head and long tail. These features, combined, produce a subtle yet unique ‘signature’ in the sky.
A note on Blue-headed Vireos - Peak Blue-headed Vireo migration is just around the corner here in eastern Ontario. Typically this species pulses through in large numbers from mid September through to early October, with birds known to linger in favored migrant haunts well into October.
Alan Wormington (1954 – 2016) - While¬† birding in Prince Edward County and Presqu’ile with the Eastern Ontario Birding group, I heard of the passing of one of Ontario’s foremost birding giants, Alan Wormington.
“Golden” Black-bellied Plovers in Autumn -   Photo: In autumn, some fresh juvenile Black-bellied Plovers (at right) can be quite gold-washed throughout. A daintier specimen adorning this fresh, golden finery could perhaps cause some identification issues, perhaps at first glance resembling an American Golden-Plover (at left). Structure
NCC Trail 10 - Over the past 10 days I have been having an absolute blast along Shirleys Bay Waterfront Trail, NCC Trail 10. From August 22 – August 30, I managed to tally a hair under 100 species, ending at 96. Just today, I tallied my record high warbler count along this trail: 18 species.