Eastern Ontario Birding

Birding tours throughout beautiful, bird-rich eastern Ontario. My mission is to provide you with a friendly, informative and professional field birding experience.

Acoustic luring of avian prey by Northern Shrikes - Both male and female Northern Shrikes sing in winter from exposed territory-advertisement perches as well as from perches low and hidden in brushy vegetation, and it is from the latter habitat that the acoustic luring of prey is thought to be most effective.
Birding by Night: Averted Vision - Have you ever noticed that the longer you stare directly at something in the dark, the fuzzier and more out-of-focus it gets? But, the moment you shift your focus just to the side of the item, you are able to see a clearer image, right?
Great Horned Owls in Winter - As winter takes hold, top tier predators such as Great Horned Owls often switch hunting strategies in order to survive. They wander, often widely, in search of prey. This is especially true of owls breeding throughout the boreal forest.
Arnprior: Eastern Meadowlark - Hi everyone, Today, 12 December, Betty Michalowski observed two meadowlarks in the Arnprior area. They were originally reported by Donnie Gordon approximately two weeks ago.  She saw the birds in the afternoon along Van Dusen Road.
Mis-ID’s - Working as a field guide, I identify and discuss birds for a living. I must call out and justify my identifications on a regular basis and this practice has “scared me” into developing my skill set to a higher level this year. Out of 100 identifications, I am inside the 90% accuracy mark.
Ottawa: “White-winged” gulls - Hi there, This afternoon from 3:45 – 4:30 PM, I watched gulls coming in to roost along the shoreline of the Ottawa River just east of Andrew Haydon Park, at Beltown Park.
Brain training for birder’s: ID’s from the hip - Brain training for birders: Identifications from the hip… As all of us know, live birds rarely pose as nicely as they do in our field guides 😉. Many birds, such as thrushes, warblers and sparrows, have a tendency to keep moving about as they forage.
Ontario Birds Raptor Quiz Answers - Hi everyone, Hope you enjoyed the quiz! Below are the answers. 1) Osprey: Bright white underneath w/ dark carpals and flight feathers. Very long wings (proportionally) w/ a significant ‘M’ shape while gliding.