Eastern Ontario Birding

Birding tours throughout beautiful, bird-rich eastern Ontario. My mission is to provide you with a friendly, informative and professional field birding experience.

Eastern Ontario Migration Update - Hi everyone, What a thrill it’s been taking in spring migration here in eastern Ontario. The birds have appeared so suddenly and in tremendous numbers, and also in great diversity!
Differentiating the Trilling Songsters - Below, I will attempt to highlight the differences between the trilling songsters most commonly encountered here in eastern Ontario! I hope you enjoy this segment 🙂
Nominate Iceland Gull in Toronto - I spent the weekend birding in the Toronto area. On Thursday afternoon ( April 13th), I dropped by Ashbridges Bay and enjoyed the gull scene there. After a few minutes, I spotted a petite Iceland Gull among Ring-bills. Its mantle was very light gray; its primaries were immaculate white; and its irides were very light…a … Continue reading Nominate Iceland Gull in Toronto
Red Fox Sparrow - This morning (12 April 2017) we had two Red Fox Sparrows (P. i. iliaca) visiting our yard in Ottawa, Ontario. I particularly love the mountain-top chevrons to the underside of their bodies. As much as easterner, P. i. iliaca, is a lovely bird, the west coast, where many subspecies may be seen during
Some notes on Ross’s Geese in the National Capital Region - Once geese begin to arrive throughout agricultural areas in the east and southwest end of Ottawa, keep an eye out for a small white one…a Ross’s Goose. These gems are found among Canada Geese in the west (and southwest) and among Snow Geese in the east. Any white goose among Canada’s warrants close inspection.
Guide to Spring Arrivals in Eastern Ontario - Hi everyone, As winter makes way for spring, our minds begin to ponder the wonderful birding days soon to come! Here’s a rough guide as to when some of our favourite bird species arrive back to eastern Ontario, and how to maximise your birding opportunities when they arrive!
A short story about identifying a “Tiny” Cooper’s Hawk - I eagerly involve myself in “tiny” Cooper’s vs. Sharpie online debates, but I’ve yet to step up and have to do it in the field at our local hawkwatch.
American Woodcock tip - A tip for finding woodcock in birding areas where you generally don’t expect to see one: recall in early spring, under trees, an area of thaw; an expanding area of cozy, sun-exposed vegetation adjacent to snowy covered areas.