Nominate Iceland Gull in Toronto

I spent the weekend birding in the Toronto area. On Thursday afternoon ( April 13th), I dropped by Ashbridges Bay and enjoyed the gull scene there. After a few minutes, I spotted a petite Iceland Gull among Ring-bills. Its mantle was very light gray; its primaries were immaculate white; and its irides were very light…a creamy white in appearance. Overall, a very small bird with delicate features. Later, I discovered a third cycle that was quite intriguing, as well. My photos didn’t turn out that well (but are added in the comments) but it turns out that Owen Strickland photographed the adult quite nicely a few days later.

If a name cannot safely be applied here, surely these birds are well endowed with glaucoides genes….and are along the glaucoides end of the spectrum? The adult appears textbook for the nominate subspecies.

Photos: Owen Strickland. I see they are over-exposed…I decided not to tinker with them in any way, to allow users to download them and adjust them as they saw fit.

PS: I observed the bird again with my birding group on Friday, April 14th.

Red Fox Sparrow

This morning (12 April 2017) we had two Red Fox Sparrows (P. i. iliaca) visiting our yard in Ottawa, Ontario. I particularly love the mountain-top chevrons to the underside of their bodies. As much as easterner, P. i. iliaca, is a lovely bird, the west coast, where many subspecies may be seen during Continue reading Red Fox Sparrow