A note on Blue-headed Vireos

Peak Blue-headed Vireo migration is just around the corner here in eastern Ontario. Typically this species pulses through in large numbers from mid-September through to early October, with birds known to linger in favoured migrant haunts well into October. Last fall, there was a significant movement in Ottawa which occurred on, I believe, September 15th (can’t find these particular notes at the moment) where 5-6 Blue-headed Vireos were reported by multiple observers from numerous birding hotspots throughout the city. Blue-headed’s have a tremendous amount of character, and they are typically quite vocal during migration. In my experience, I have found especially first-year birds to be “chatty,” tending to merge their song bouts with squeaks and chatters. If you have yet to pause under a tree where a young Blue-headed is chatting away, I insist you do — it’s lovely! In my opinion, the best of all the vocalizations this species is known for is the adorable tew-weh call: http://www.xeno-canto.org/87745


Happy Fall Birding.