Juvenile Northern Rough-winged Swallows

Juvenile Northern Rough-winged Swallows are a subtle-lover’s dream come true. The throat is suffused with cinnamon, and the lesser, median, and greater coverts (wing bars) are broadly brushed with cinnamon. Each rounded edge of the tertials on the folded wing is bordered with cinnamon, as well. This colourful plumage is short-lived, however, and for most birds, wears/fades before they head south in the late summer. When to keep an eye out for this plumage in eastern Ontario: Anytime throughout June and early-to-mid July.

Photo: Northern Rough-winged Swallow (juvenile). Credit: Laure W. Neish/VIREO. Source: http://www.audubon.org/fiel…/…/northern-rough-winged-swallow