Birding Journal

Date: Monday, August 13th

Location: Andrew Haydon Park

Start time: 1:52 PM

Duration: 54 min

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Notes: N/A.


Date: Monday, August 13th

Location: Carp River Restoration Area

Start time:  12:10 PM

Duration:  1hr30min

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Notes: Boring birding. Water a touch too high for some species of shorebirds. Heron scene subpar. Could be better in a few weeks after a warm and dry spell.


Date: Monday, July 30th, 2018

Location: Shirleys Bay

Start time: 11:15 AM

Duration: 2hours50min

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Notes: Had a banner start to the fall season and cracked the 70-species barrier at ShirleysBay. 11 species of warblers at Shirleys Bay in late July. Crikey. I’m once again hooked on birds 


Date: Thursday, July 26th, 2018

Location: Rideau Lakes area

Start time: 11:30 AM

Duration: 3hours30min

eBird Checklist: N/A

Notes: Enjoyed a sublime birding outing to the Rideau Lakes region, as I scouted for an upcoming tour. The sights and the sounds…what bliss. I saw a family group of Yellow-throated Vireos (a first). As I watched on, I could hear the juveniles softly chattering and squeaking, just like little babies! They were “playing” with sounds…right before my very ears. Next up…an orange-variant Scarlet Tanager flies in and begins to feed a juvenile! An hour or so later, after numerous other precious moments, another orange-variant Scarlet Tanager appeared; this time, investigating my soft “pishing” sounds. As far as I’m concerned, I cannot overstate just how much I love birding throughout the Frontenac Arch…

Photo: Not one, but two (!) orange-variant Scarlet Tanagers were observed today. Here’s one, at left, paired next to a male adorning standard-issue scarlet finery. Rideau Trail @ Lally Road, Murphys Point Provincial Park. 26 July 2018.


Date: Wednesday, July 25th, 2018

Location: Andrew Haydon Park east (Ottawa Beach), Ottawa, ON

Start time: 10:55 AM

Duration: 37 min

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Notes: Nice shorebird study, especially the Semipalmated Sandpipers! Andrew Haydon Park is on fire these days. If visiting the site, park at the water park parking lot, east of the main AHP parking lot. I recommend wearing rubber boots, as the walk to the shoreline of the Ottawa is a wet and muddy one.


Date: Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

Location: Shirleys Bay, Ottawa, Ontario

Start time: 6:35 AM

Duration: 2hrs34min

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Notes: First solo birding outing in approximately one month. I decided to dust off my birding skills. The first thirty minutes or so felt foreign; I felt sloppy with my scope use and was overwhelmed as I attempted to count birds. Distant “brown” ducks were also tricky to ID at first. I managed to find my groove after a short while, though. If I were to wager a guess, I’d say I’ve lost ~10-15% performance in field craft over the break. Oopsies, I really did “let myself go!” Honestly, I don’t mind the performance dip; it’s been a lovely break. That being said, I am now fully rejuvenated and I’m excited to get back to full-time field birding next week!


Date: Monday, June 25th

Location: Murphys Point Provincial Park

Start time: 12:56 PM

Duration: 2hrs28min

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Notes: I love the Rideau Lakes area! It was a beautiful day today; nice and cool, so I decided to bring my dog along. I saw many neat birds today, and also saw my lifer Cyrano Darner as it patrolled the shoreline of Long Lake, near Murphys Point. I thought of a new suite of tours to this area while walking Silver Queen Mine Trail.