Presqu’ile Provincial Park

Saturday, March 9: Today we are heading to Presqu’ile Provincial Park to take in some late winter/early-spring birding. The highlight at this time of year is the superb collection of waterfowl roosting and foraging in Presqu’ile Bay. Numbering in the thousands are Greater Scaup and Redhead, along with hundreds of Canvasback and of course much more. We will be spending a great deal of time admiring waterfowl, so be sure to bring your waterfowl-related field guides with you today to help in your enjoyment and study. After some general birding in Presqu’ile, we will make our way to Barcovan Beach, where all three species of swans can be seen during the winter months. After birding Barcovan Beach, it’s likely we’ll head to Kingston and drop by Invista Lagoon, then continue to head east, where we will stop by Ivy Lea along the St. Lawrence River.

Outing notes: Please be sure to pack snacks, a warm beverage of your choice, some liquids, sunscreen, windbreaker, comfortable clothing, comfortable and insulated hiking boots, and so on. Please also pack ice grippers for your footwear, if you have them. Consider dressing in layers, with your base layer being thermal clothing (keeps the chill out). Please note that for non-Ontario Parks pass holders, it costs approximately $15.00 to enter the park.

Lunch & Dinner: Please pack a field lunch for today’s tour. If there is interest, I am happy to arrange a sit-down dinner for the group after the tour is complete.

Activity Scale: 2/5

Accommodations: N/A

Meet at the entrance/front registry to Presqu’ile Provincial Park at 9:30 AM.

Carpooling: Carpooling in the lead vehicle is available upon request. Additionally, I am happy to make carpooling arrangements for you.

Method of payment: Cash, e-Transfer or cheque the morning of the tour. If paying by e-Transfer, please use as the recipient address; if paying by cheque, you can make it out to Eastern Ontario Birding.

Cost: $75.00 (HST-included).

Duration: 8-8.5 hours of birding.

Register for this outing using the provided Sign-up form