Ottawa & Rideau rivers

Wednesday, November 22: Late November provides a birder many opportunities for viewing interesting and beautiful birds along the Ottawa River. Rarer finds like Harlequin Duck and uncommon ones like Barrow’s Goldeneye are possible among many Bufflehead, Common Goldeneye and Common Merganser. Spend enough time on the shoreline of the Ottawa at this time of year and you’re bound to see a massive falcon hunting low and striking flocks of ducks horizontally; namely, you’re bound to see a Gyrfalcon! Here’s hoping our timing and luck strike at the right moment :). Also, we are still in the time zone for spotting a Golden Eagle, and possibly a Red-throated Loon, too, so we’ll keep these species in mind. We will bird a small portion of the Ottawa River, beginning at Dick Bell Park and ending at Bate Island, then we’ll head to Strathcona Park and bird along the Rideau River for the remainder of the outing.

Outing notes: Here are some ideas of what to pack and what to wear during this field outing. Some snacks, plenty of water, electrolyte mix, sturdy footwear, insect repellent, lens cloth, lip balm, sunscreen, and favoured field guides. Please wear layered clothing, as well as a wind-breaker, as it can be quite chilly October.

Walking: Limited walking this morning

Driving: Relatively short drives between birding sites this morning

Meet at 8:30 AM at Dick Bell Park

Cost: $40.00 per person

Method of payment: Cash or cheque the morning of the tour. If paying by cheque, please make the cheque out to ‘Jon Ruddy’


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