Louisiana Waterthrush & friends

Saturday, April 28: Today, we will bird along Canoe Lake Road, from just SW of Westport to Bedford Road. We will bird inside of Frontenac Park, as well. A wonderful array of migrants are likely to be seen and heard today. We are birding in prime Red-shouldered Hawk habitat, so be sure to ready your cameras for displaying birds calling and flying overhead. Our main target of the day will be Louisiana Waterthrush and I will be setting aside a good amount of time for study and photography. Please note that playback will not be used to entice this Species at Risk into responding. We will arrive at a few suitable sites and linger, hoping for a look at this special breeding bird. Each participant will receive a print-out containing neat facts about Louisiana Waterthrush here in eastern Ontario.

Outing notes: Here are some ideas of what to pack and what to wear during this field outing. Waterproof footwear is recommended, and rain jacket/rain pants are also good items to have on-hand during spring birding outings. Please pack some snacks, plenty of water, lens cloth, lip balm, sunscreen, and favoured field guides.

Lunch & Dinner: Please pack a field lunch for today’s tour.

Activity Scale: This outing is rated at a 3/5. We will birding by vehicle most of the morning. After our morning, we will hike in Frontenac Park. Our hike will likely be 2 km in and 2 km out.

Meet at 6:30 AM at TBD. We are getting started early in the day, to maximize our chances of hearing a variety of birds in song, including Louisiana Waterthrush.

Method of payment: Cash, e-Transfer or cheque the morning of the tour. If paying by e-Transfer, please use eontbird@gmail.com as the recipient address; if paying by cheque, please make the cheque out to ‘Eastern Ontario Birding.’

Cost: $70.00

Duration: 8 hours

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