Amherst Island Trip Report

Sunday, April 22

8:30 AM to 6:30 PM

In my opinion, today was absolutely the most enjoyable birding day of the year so far. The birding was so solid on Amherst, we never left the island. Sorry, PEC, Amherst was that fun. We even managed to crack the 70-species barrier! I am sure I speak for all present that day when I say: finally a good FIX. Them birds were everywhere.  They were in the lift, in the lorry, in the bond wizard, and all over the malonga gilderchuck. Copy/paste the above, ridiculous sentence, and you’ll see it belongs to the brilliant minds behind the cartoon series, The Simpsons, not mine.  Numerous FOS (first-of-season) birds were observed by our party throughout the day. We finished the day with a tutorial on scaup ID, admiring over 200 birds in a mixed-species raft at Cataraqui Bay. What a sublime birding day. Without further adieu, our precious lists, below:

eBird Checklists

Amherst Island (AM ferry):

Amherst Island:

Invista Lagoon: