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Welcome to Eastern Ontario Birding. My name is Jon Ruddy, and I am an Ottawa-based freelance birding guide, specializing in birding tours throughout eastern Ontario. I have birding outings fit for all levels of birders, from beginner to expert.  For a list of up-coming regularly schedule outings, as well as my Private Tour availability, please visit my Outing Schedule. I hope you enjoy the site!

Noteworthy Finds–November 2021 - G’day As a continuation of October’s Noteworthy Finds post, I decided to create a post for my self-found November birds, as well. November started off well with a chance sightings of a LeConte’s Sparrow in Renfrew County!
Gift Certificates - This Holiday season, I will be providing three Gift Certificate (GC) options for purchase: $50, $100 and $150. GC’s will be available for purchase until Friday, December 17th. I will be offline after that date, and unable to provide GC’s. Please note that GC’s never expire and can be used at any time and for … Continue reading Gift Certificates
Noteworthy Finds–October 2021 - G’day This morning, I couldn’t help but think about the apparent hot streak I happen to be experiencing while in the field. Quite a few rarities, and quite a few noteworthy encounters.
“Late” Warbler Appreciation Month! - As the fall colours mature and the days begin to grow cold and weary, birders tend to lose the passion that once was for Passerines, and shift toward new birding horizons. As understandable a paradigm shift this may be, don’t give up on the Songbirds just yet, I say!
Fall Warbler Migration Guide - The following warbler graphs are organized from early season to late season. Note that many species share the same peak dates (mid to late August). All eastern Ontario counties are included in the study area. The study period is from 1990-2017 (I made these outputs in 2017). Figure 1: Our earliest season warbler, the Yellow … Continue reading Fall Warbler Migration Guide

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