Eastern Ontario Birding

Welcome to Eastern Ontario Birding. My name is Jon Ruddy, and I am an Ottawa-based freelance birding guide, specializing in birding tours throughout eastern Ontario. I have birding outings fit for all levels of birders, from beginner to expert.  For a list of up-coming regularly schedule outings, as well as my Private Tour availability, please visit my Outing Schedule. I hope you enjoy the site!

Available Services: Private Guiding - Eastern Ontario Birders: On May 19th, the province rolled out Phase 1 of its re-opening. After careful review, I am happy to announce my Phase 1 of re-opening, in the form of part-time private guiding services. I will be offering this service for a minimum of 2, and maximum of 3, clientele.
How to reach me for identification help & general inquiries - Moving forward, please email me your inquiries and identification quiuires. I receive birding notes, identification requests and inquiries by texts and also Facebook messages (to my personal, Jon Ruddy account; not my business one) and I find it confusing trying to keep track of things. Please help in keeping everything funnelled into my eontbird@gmail.com inbox.
Open for Business - Hi everyone, I am happy to announce that I have just opened my “virtual doors.” I will be getting to a backlog of emails, starting today. Thank you, everyone, for your support and I hope you’ve enjoyed your spring birding thus far!
Philadelphia vs. Warbling Vireo - Philadelphia and Warbling Vireos can be quite similar in appearance. This identification challenge is not necessarily straightforward, most especially when dealing with these two species flitting about in green, leafy vegetation on a sunny day!
“Looking” at Similar Songs - Learning birdsong can be quite a challenge. For some, mnemonics work quite well, for example, the commonly-heard sweet-sweet-shredded wheat of a Yellow Warbler as it sings from a roadside thicket. For others (myself included) visualization is perhaps the essential element to learning each song and getting them glued to the memory bank.
Differentiating the Trilling Songsters - Below, I will attempt to highlight the differences between the trilling songsters most commonly encountered here in eastern Ontario! I hope you enjoy this segment 🙂
COVID-19 & tours; an update - In light of recent COVID-19 updates, the updates of government authorities and of professionals in the health field, I’ve dropped tours until further notice.
COVID-19 & EOB’s approach to tours - Hi everyone, I will be continuing on with Field Trips, however, a few changes will be taking place in order to ensure the health and safety of all participants.