Eastern Ontario Birding

Welcome to Eastern Ontario Birding. My name is Jon Ruddy, and I am an Ottawa-based freelance birding guide, specializing in birding tours throughout eastern Ontario. I have birding outings fit for all levels of birders, from beginner to expert.  For a list of up-coming regularly schedule outings, as well as my Private Tour availability, please visit my Outing Schedule. I hope you enjoy the site!

Following birds’ glances- Birds are very alert animals. They very often see and hear other birds before you do. This is especially true of bird groups which happen to be favoured items on another birdies take-out menu!
Lazuli Bunting details (print-out)- Lazuli Bunting details (PDF)
Spring Migration in Eastern Ontario- Believe it or not, but we are only 4-5 weeks away from the usual arrival time of our first springtime migrants here in eastern Ontario! The passage of a warm air mass in late-February usually coincides with the arrival of blackbirds, such as Red-winged Blackbird and Common Grackle.
Staying warm in the extreme cold!- As temperatures near – 40 Celsius with the windchill all throughout eastern Ontario, backyard birdwatchers may peer outside and see little “fluffballs” resting on branches. You’re bearing witness to one of their extreme-cold survival strategies.
Ottawa: Gyrfalcon- It appears as though the adult grey morph first seen in Ottawa, Ontario by Tony Beck and Nina Stavlund in early December, and once again seen on Christmas day, continues. A birder sent this image into the OFNC sightings line and it was forwarded over to (lucky) me.
Northern Shrikes wintering in Eastern Ontario- Northern Shrikes are now in eastern Ontario in good numbers. While birding in Prince Edward County the other day, I saw three Northern Shrikes. Keep an eye out for them in open scrubby habitats, perched at the tip of trees along field edges, and perched near feeder set-ups.
Leucistic Long-tailed Duck at Sandbanks Park- Earlier today (30 November 2018) I was very surprised to find this leucistic female-type Long-tailed Duck at Sandbanks Provincial Park. I was viewing the raft of Long-tails from County Road 12, approx 150 m E of Hyatt Ln.
Gift Certificates with Eastern Ontario Birding- So, you have a birder in the family? Someone always asking you to pull over to the side of the road so that they can photograph a bird? Watching NetFlix all alone while your spouse reads his/her Sibley Guide? Sounds to me as though it is time to send them on a birding tour!