Juvenile Northern Goshawk ID note/study photo

Quite a lightly-marked (also possibly springtime-faded) juvenile goshawk, one of which somewhat superficially resembles a Cooper’s Hawk in body plumage. GISS-based assessment is perhaps the best approach for this tricky individual. Overall, it is a massively-built Accipiter. Its wings are broad and show a strong bulge to the secondaries, as well as tapering in width toward its “hands.” This gives this beast a noticeably curvaceous trailing contour to its wings. Its chest is heavy-set, dwarfing the width of its head. Its long and broad tail appears as though it’s an extension of its broad body. The extent of the “rudder” seems to shine through best when the tail of a gos‘ is splayed, even somewhat, as in the photo at right. Dunrobin, Ontario. April.