Noteworthy Finds–November 2021


As a continuation of October’s Noteworthy Finds post, I decided to create a post for my self-found November birds, as well. November started off well with a chance sightings of a LeConte’s Sparrow in Renfrew County! As was the case with my October list, I list the noteworthy finds in order of rarity. The relative rarity per county is also considered in the ranking. I’ll continue to periodically update this page, whenever a self-found rarity (or bird of interest) is located. Updated on 24 November 2021.

  1. Red-crested Pochard. Likely escapee. Observed at Ault Island, Stormont Dundas & Glengarry. A very likely escapee, but the application/feedback here was that I was prepared to find a genuine European vagrant among a raft of Ring-necked and Redhead ducks. If the bird were listable, it would have represented the discovery of a vagrant. I had never 1) heard of this species before and 2) seen any photos of it. I had to use my Collins Bird Guide in order to ID it; this process was very thrilling. 8 November 2021.
  2. LeConte’s Sparrow at Biederman Park, Lake Dore. Extremely rare in fall in all eastern counties. 2 November 2021.
  3. Semipalmated Plover at Snake River Line, Cobden. Very rare early-November lingerer/late migrant in eastern Ontario. 2 November 2021.
  4. Yellow-rumped Warbler at Rapides Deschenes in Gatineau. Rare observation at the date of the sighting. 18 November 2021.
  5. Richardson’s Cackling Geese (18) south of Napanee. Record high number for Lennox & Addington County, as well as the Kingston Field Naturalists’ bird study area. 7 November 2021.
  6. Barrow’s Goldeneye along Long Sault Parkway, east end. Uncommonly encountered fall/winter species. Only my fourth BAGO (my first female record) along the St. Lawrence River between Morrisburg and Cornwall-west. 24 November 2021.
  7. Golden Eagle at Guindon Park boat launch. As much as I have birded the Upper St. Lawrence each Fall, I haven’t picked up many GOEA’s along the river between Morrisburg and Cornwall. An uncommon find along the river, in my experience. My last GOEA along the river in this region was on 30 November 2017, for example! 24 November 2021.
  8. Golden Eagle on Amherst Island. Uncommon fall/winter/spring migrant on the island. 21 November 2021.
  9. Black-capped Chickadee (leucistic) at Doug Fluhrer Park in Kingston. A strikingly whitish chickadee; only my third in the field in ten years of birding and my first ever self-found individual. See below for a picture. 21 November 2021.
  10. Ruby-crowned Kinglet at Remic Rapids. Uncommon lingering/late migrant in early November. 5 November 2021.
  11. Ruby-crowned Kinglet at Rapides Deschenes, Aylmer, QC. Uncommon lingering species during the first week of November. 3 November 2021.
  12. Hermit Thrush at Remic Rapids. Uncommon in early November. 5 November 2021.

Photo: Leusictic Black-capped Chickadee at Doug Fluhrer Park in Kingston. Lennox & Addington County. 21 November 2021.