An ID note on Swamp and Song Sparrow juveniles

Juvenile Swamp Sparrows are distinguished from juvenile Song Sparrows by examining a combination of features. Head: narrow, dark bill lacking the swollen build of the bill typical of Song Sparrow (1); thin, blackish post (past) ocular (eye) stripe with flared, wedge-shaped posterior (2); creamy sub-moustachial (3) bordered by crisp moustachial (4) and weak malar stripe (5). Overall, an olive cast throughout entire head (as seen on example at right). Underside: light buffy suffusion to chest with fine, crisp brownish streaking and peppering throughout the flanks and belly. Upperparts: dark-centered greater coverts enclosed by reddish border (appears to be a shared characteristic).

DSCN0462Photo: Juvenile Swamp Sparrow. NCC Greenbelt, Ottawa, Ontario. 11 July 2016.

DSCN0427 (1280x600)Photo: Juvenile Song (left) and Swamp (right) sparrows. NCC Greenbelt, Ottawa, Ontario. July 2016.


Photo: Features guide, Swamp Sparrow.