Warblers are coming!

Using eBird’s Explore Data – Line Graph function, I put together an example of fall migration timing for 5 species of warbler (an arbitrary list) within 5 counties…(Leeds & Grenville, Ottawa, Lanark, Prescott & Russell, Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry). (http://ebird.org/ebird/canada/GuideMe?cmd=quickPick),

The study years are from 2010-2014:

– Magnolia Warbler
– Cape May Warbler
– Tennessee Warbler
– Northern Parula
– Canada Warbler

On the X-Axis (horizontal), the date appears; on the Y-Axis (vertical) total number of birds (individuals) reported from all checklists within the study area.

Cape May, Tennessee and Canada Warbler all appear to peak around the third week of August (detailed along the X-Axis as 8/22). Magnolia appear to peak a week later (detailed as 9/1) and, in greater numbers. Northern Parula appear to peak a week after that (detailed as 9/8). Let’s just say: by mid August, building through to early September = an excellent time to explore warbler diversity here in Ottawa. Great spots that come to mind: Britannia Conservation Area, Shirley’s Bay, NCC Trails (any), Rideau Trail, Vincent Massey Park, Petrie Island, etc.

More to come re: illustrating migration timing using this function.

May the birds be with you!