Purple Finch “vireo song”

From late summer, through to the following spring, Purple Finch can sing a confusing rendition of their song. The flow to their sweet, melodious song is chopped, and what can be heard are brief spurts of notes followed by pauses. This song is made up of phrases of two to five notes each, and these phrases are alternated, with short breaks between them. The timing of the gaps between notes is variable, with some birds singing fast versions and other signing slow versions with long time-gaps between notes. This particular style of song-flow is reminiscent of the vireos, such as Blue-headed, Philadelphia, and Red-eyed.

Have you encountered Purple Finch singing this “vireo song” before?

I videotaped a Purple Finch signing this song, please click the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yr1_KxEMZAU