Trip Report: Amherst Island & Kingston

Sunday, August 5th

9:00 AM – 5:45 PM

Had a wonderful day birding Amherst Island with friends new and old. The heat warning was in full-effect but a strong southerly breeze kept us regulated throughout the day. Ultimately, we found ourselves enjoying birds on a beautiful summer’s day! I have a sweet sunglass-tan to prove it 🙂 We had great looks at Northern Harriers, Bobolinks, Eastern Kingbirds and immature Savannah Sparrows. Interesting misses include large roosts of swallows and Wilson’s Phalaropes; both seemed to have already moved on! Shorebirds were in short supply, as the recent rain filled the pond located on Martin Edwards Reserve with just a bit too much water. There, of course, were a lot of Yellow Warblers, along with the odd pished-in surprise, such as a juvenile Eastern Towhee, as well. Amherstview Sewage Lagoons was amazing; if challenging brown ducks are your thing, then visit Amherstview! We picked off a species here and a species there, with the “best find” being an eclipse drake Ring-necked Duck, which was tucked in close to reeds.

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