Trip Report: Upper Canada Region

Saturday, September 8th

9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

An absolutely beautiful day to be out with birding friends new and old. The Upper Canada Region was teeming with birds today. Lighting conditions were sometimes difficult (glare/back-lighting) but we enjoyed many useful studies. We saw two scaup…which turned out to be one Greater and one Lesser…side by side! We also observed a nice variety of shorebird species resting on the muddy banks. Heron numbers were excellent for the date, and we managed to see four species (Great Blue, Great Egret, Green and Black-crowned Night-Heron). The primo hotspot was Nairne Island causeway, where thousands of birds are currently stationed. Great shorebird habitat as well as dabbling duck habitat. A juv. Peregrine Falcon ripped through the area while we were there, as well. Many thanks for yet another enjoyable day in the field, everyone :). Details below…

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Ault Island:

Long Sault Parkway:

Hoople Creek Bridge:

UCMBS Nairne Island: