Trip Report: Shirleys Bay & Andrew Haydon Park

Thursday, September 20th

8:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Good fall birding today, with a lovely selection of warblers and waterfowl to study and enjoy. The dyke was hoppin’ with warblers, where we encountered 9 Palm Warblers among others. We tallied 3 Blue-headed Vireos today, with our count coinciding with the beginning of peak passage of this species through eastern ON. Thrushes were difficult to find (no surprise) but we did manage a great look at a perched Swainson’s Thrush. A tally of 110 Lesser Scaup was good for the date, but this tally is just the beginning, as the flock size will grow substantially over the coming weeks. We managed to spot a single Greater Scaup among the Lesser’s, a good study bird for us. All in all, a fun morning in the field! Details below…

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Shirleys Bay: