Private Tours

Private tours with Jon Ruddy of Eastern Ontario Birding are available. Have you ever wanted to sit down with a field guide and some of your photos, and go over identifications? What about go to a river or a lake in the fall and work on your scaup identification? How about a morning discussing sparrow ID while we are in the field studying sparrows, real-time. Or perhaps you’d like to sign up with a group of friends and tailor your very own itinerary? All of the above, and much more is possible during a Private Tour.

Private tour details

Minimum number of clientele: 2

Maximum number of clientele: 10

Tour type: Typically day trips, but weekend tours are also available.

Cost (per person): $40.00 for a half-day and $80.00 for a full day.

How do I register for a Private tour?

Please notify me of your interest by email,, at your earliest convenience, preferably no later than two days out from the tour date of your choosing.