Private Tours

Private tours with Jon Ruddy of Eastern Ontario Birding are available. Have you ever wanted to sit down with a field guide and some of your photos, and go over identifications? What about go to a river or a lake in the fall and work on your scaup identification? How about a morning discussing sparrow ID while we are in the field studying sparrows, real-time. Or perhaps you’d like to sign up with a group of friends and tailor your very own itinerary? All of the above, and much more is possible during a Private Tour.

Private tour details

Minimum number of clientele: 2

Maximum number of clientele: 10

Tour type: Half (4-4.5 hours) and Full (8-9 hours) day-trips are available.

Cost: The cost of each private tour is dependant upon several factors, such as the tour type (half or full day), the distance driven during the tour, and whether or not additional services are required, such as, for example, carpooling services.  For all cost inquiries, please contact me by email for further details.

How do I register for a Private tour?

Please notify me of your interest by email,, at your earliest convenience, preferably no later than two days out from the tour date of your choosing.