Lanark Lakes

Tuesday, October 23rd

9:00 AM – 1:30 PM

A lovely fall day to spend outside with birding friends. The wind was light out of the E and there was next to no shimmer on the water, so we were able to get the most out of scanning for resting/foraging waterbirds during our Lake-run! Some nice surprises throughout the day, including a very late (to the point of rare) American Redstart and a juvenile Northern Goshawk flying at a distance as it was being mobbed by crows; the group experienced what it’s like to make a distant, gestalt-based ID call, which was nice! Eastern Bluebirds were a lovely and colourful surprise along Tennyson Road; I dropped at GPS pin at the site. At this site, each house has a bluebird box, so be sure to add this road to your route if you’re in the area. The Trumpeter Swans were showing nicely on McGowan Lake. We counted 35 in total. The lake itself was hosting a great assortment of ducks, again showing nicely on calm water. All in all, a wonderful day! Checklists below…

eBird Checklists

Carleton Place — Lake Park:

Beckwith — 10th Line Lookout:

North Elmsley — Tennyson Road:

McGowan Lake:

Rideau Ferry C.A.: