Algonquin Park & Renfrew County

Sat/Sun, October 27-28th

Two days of birding

A wonderful two days of fall birding! On Saturday, we birded Algonquin Park. Though we experienced low bird volume, we had an excellent variety of birds throughout the day, with some real surprises mixes in. Along Mizzy Lake Trail, we observed a Lincoln’s Sparrow along the railbed. Knowing this was a late record, we checked Ron Tozer’s “Birds of Algonquin Park” for details; we were elated to see that we nearly achieved a late-date record for this species, missing that record by only two days! Other “late” birds included Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Hermit Thrush and Northern Flicker. It was wonderful to bird the Park during its Golden Encore fall colour season. In the end, we “dipped” on a few of our targets, including Spruce Grouse and Boreal Chickadee — there’s always next time (fingers crossed). On Sunday, we birded numerous sites throughout Renfrew County, from Pembroke to Beachburg. The birding was good, with some nice sightings throughout. Though visibility was cut short, the sights were stunning, with slow-falling snow and fall colours as a backdrop. At one point, we saw a male Eastern Bluebird banking across a snowy landscape; I’m certain I’ve never appreciated this species’ tone of blue quite as much as I did then! All in all, a lovely weekend in the field. Details below…

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Algonquin Park — East Gate:

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