Island Birding in Kingston

Saturday/Sunday, November 3-4

Two full days of birding

A wonderful weekend with birding friends as we birded the islands along the N shore of Lake Ontario! Thousands of Aythya ducks (Redhead, Greater and Lesser Scaup, Ring-necked Duck and even Canvasback) were enjoyed by the group at Wolfe Island. We even managed to see 60+ Ruddy Ducks in the raft. Early days yet but it certainly appears as though the meadow vole scene on Wolfe isn’t anywhere as good as it is on Amherst. For example, we observed a handful of harriers and one Buteo species (unknown). The following morning we observed 23 loons (22 Common and 1 Red-throated) from Finkle’s Shore Park. Seems to me that it’s only a matter of time before a Pacific is spotted there; what a great loon scene! Amherst Island was loaded with Birds of Prey. We saw nearly 100 Birds of Prey comprising many species. The meadow vole scene there is perhaps best described in “crop” terms; as in a BUMPER crop of voles. All in all, it was a great weekend. Please see below for our checklists:

eBird Checklists


Wolfe Island — General location:

Wolfe Island — New Canal Dock:

Wolfe Island — Barrett Bay:

Wolfe Island — Highway 96:

Wolfe Island — Grimshaw Bay:

Wolfe Island — Reed’s Bay:

Wolfe Island — Highway 95:

Wolfe Island — Button Bay:

Wolfe Island –Bayfield Bay:

Wolfe Island — Ferry:


Napanee — County Road 8:

Bath — Finkle’s Shore Park:

Amherst Island — Ferry:

Amherst Island —

Amherst Island — Owl Woods:

Monday (Lakewatch at Point Petre)

Point Petre:

Sandbanks Park — Outlet Beach:

East Lake — Boat Launch: