Lanark Lakes

Sunday, November 25

9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

The deep freeze got the best of Lanark County! Renfrew’s lakes survived the frigid temps and remained open, but Lanark was TKO’d. I decided to go ahead with the tour and heck, we had a fun lil outing! We drove new roads and saw some neat birds, including 45 Bohemian Waxwings sitting in a thicket inside a cattail swamp! They posed nicely for photos. We ended up seeing a buck; I believe an 8-Pointer. It posed beautifully for captures! In the end, we managed to have a nice outing and enjoyed our time in the field. Any time in the field is a good time 🙂 Details below…

eBird Checklists

Carleton Place — Boat Launch:

Mississippi Riverwalk Trail:

Lake Park:

Mississippi Lake — 10th Line Lookout:

Beckwith — 9th Line:

North Elsmley — Churchill Road:

Upper Beveridge Locks:

Port Elmsley Road:

North Elmsley — Yacht Club Road:

Rideau Ferry C.A.:

North Elmsley — Yacht Club Road:

North Elmsley — Rideau Ferry Road:

North Elmsley — McCreary’s Beach:

North Elmsley — McManus Road: