Amherst Island & Kingston

Date: Sunday, February 10, 2019

Timeframe: 9:15 AM to 5:30 PM

Weather: Beautiful conditions to be out birding in and fair weather throughout the day. Mixed clouds with periods of sunshine. High of -3 with next to no windchill. Wind speed was only 10 km/h, hailing from the west, throughout the entire day.

Outing Snippet

Another wonderful day of winter birding with EOB birding friends, both new & old. The Bird of Prey scene on the island continues to be absolutely terrific, with Buteos, Red-tailed Hawk and Rough-legged Hawk showing very nicely throughout the day. Northern Harriers were present in just about every second or third field, as well. Short-eared Owls continue to show very nicely for birders, particularly during the afternoon; they are attracting visiting viewers from far and wide. There are fewer Snowy Owls on the island these days.  We, as a group, believe that they are roosting alongside ice ridges on frozen-over Lake Ontario then heading to the island late in the afternoon to feed on voles. It appears as though they are widely dispersed over northeastern Lake Ontario at this time. One can only begin to imagine the remarkable counts to come this March and April as migrants bunch-up at the Amherst buffet as they continue their migration back north, to the Tundra! Not sure about clients, but this guide is already excited about the next trip to Amherst!

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Sunday, February 10: Amherst Island & Kingston