Amherst Island & Kingston

Date: Saturday, March 2, 2019

Timeframe: 9:15 AM to 5:30 PM

Weather: Great weather for birding in the morning; low wind and not terribly cold (-10 to -12 C with the windchill). Light snow began around 1:00 PM, changing to moderate snow flurries by 2:30 PM. The snow continued throughout the afternoon. The approximate daytime high was -6 Celsius.

Outing Snippet

Another tremendous birding expedition to Amherst Island has come to pass. Great to get out birding with birding friends new & old as we patiently wait on Spring’s warm embrace (lol)! The highlight of the day came later in the day: a total of 46(!) Short-eared Owls, all visible at the same time…in the same field! Thank you to Derek for carefully counting the owls. We nearly hit 50! Hawks and Bald Eagles were yet again showing well, and we managed to see a total of five species of owl again. I highly recommend a visit to Amherst Island this March…and, of course, I’d be happy to be your guide for the day :). Details below:

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Saturday, March 2Amherst Island & Kingston