Amherst Island & Kingston

Date: Saturday, March 9, 2019

Timeframe: 9:10 AM to 5:30 PM

Weather: Beautiful birding weather! Mostly sunny, with a daytime high of 1 degree Celsius. Wind was moderate in the AM, switching to calm by mid-afternoon.

Outing Snippet

Yet another wonderful birding day on Amherst Island with Eastern Ontario Birding friends! Birds of prey were yet again the staple of the day, with an excellent showing of hawks and owls in particular. We managed to tally five American Kestrels, which seemed to point to a touch of regional migration. However, it was our tally of Snowy Owls that helped us definitively conclude that a migration event had occurred (and was occurring!) We tallied 31 Snowy Owls, including 27 in a single sweep of Lake Ontario, viewed from Long Point Road in the afternoon. With some balmy weather in store, birders can be certain that migrants are on their way, and Amherst Island is about to get a real “shake up” after months of stagnant birding conditions.

Snowy Owl photographed by Bree Tucker.

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