Algonquin Park & Renfrew County

Date: Saturday, March 16, 2019

Timeframe: 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Weather: Moderate wind with some bouts of snowfall followed by bouts of sunny periods with mixed clouds. Cold (for the season)!

Outing Snippet

Although it felt like winter (in mid-March) and the quantity of birds was low, it was still lovely to get outside and explore one of Canada’s most renowned provincial parks! The surprise of the day came quite early on, in the form of a foraging Boreal Chickadee right near our parked cars at the winter parking lot along Opeongo Road. This species often forages high in black spruce, so, any lone chickadee flitting around up near the tip of a spruce warrants a careful look (and listen) anytime one birds in the boreal forest! Winter finches were very scarce, and we managed to “dip” on Black-backed Woodpecker and Spruce Grouse. Such is the nature of winter birding at Algonquin, at least it has been that way for the Eastern Ontario Birding group! We migrated into Renfrew County in the afternoon, where we managed to tally a total of seven soaring Bald Eagles along the way (including paired adults!) We birded along Snake River Line in Cobden, where we enjoyed the sight of two Rough-legged Hawks; both of which are likely new arrivals (migrants). We finished our day birding frozen-over Lake Madawaska, where we saw nothing but a great sheet of ice. Once the water opens, waterfowl (especially geese) roost there in the thousands! Anyhow, that’s it for that! Thanks, everyone, for another lovely day in the field.

eBird Checklists

Numerous eBird checklists today (both roadside, as well as Algonquin Park eBird Hotspots. Too numerous to post here, individually. See: and browse the various hotspots for further details.

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Saturday, March 16Algonquin Park & Renfrew County