TUTORIAL–Where and When to Birdwatch

TUTORIAL # 2: Where and When to Birdwatch

Overview: Today’s tutorial is an overview of where and when to go birdwatching. As a group, we will go over how to get the most out of your daily birding, how to read the weather and anticipate birding success, how to choose which birding sites to visit and when, and how to gather useful data and draw conclusions using social media, regional reports and electronic databases. Notes, references and writing materials will be provided during the tutorial.

Date: Friday, March 6th, 2020

Meet-up time: 7:00 PM

Number of registrants: 12


  • Arlene Harrold: The event was fun, informative and educational.
    I re-learned that I can become much more proficient at bird calls if I actually use the Dendrocia website. I see a lot of value in Birdseye as well and will use it also. Thanks again, it was very worthwhile.
  • Janis Bragg: I was really impressed with this tutorial! I’ve been birding for a few years now and the tips and tricks that Jon shared will definitely help take my birding skills to the next level. Looking forward to learning more at future tutorial sessions!
  • Joan Travers: This second tutorial in the series did not disappoint.  It is difficult to birdwatch without knowing when and where   We were introduced to invaluable tools and resources to help with the task -websites, apps, social media as well as Jon’s personal experiences and knowledge. A fun educational evening with delicious goodies. I may not thank Jon for being introduced to the highly mesmerizing and addictive WINDY. COM but what a stunning tool.  Thanks Jon and Samar. I highly recommend the series and am looking forward to the next one.
  • Kiersten Engel: The tutorial experience was a delight from start to finish as Jon and his wife provided a warm and inviting atmosphere in their home for returnees and newbies alike. The snacks, coffee/tea and notebooks were appreciated parts of what was essentially a session full of incredible information and tips for birders at any level to help plan a successful outing. Thanks again for a great evening.

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Friday, March 6: TUTORIAL–Where and When to Birdwatch