Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

What a great 2021 we eastern ON birders are having; thanks so much for choosing Eastern Ontario Birding to be your guide! Wonderful to see so many new faces in the EOB crowd; thanks very much for your business. I wish to provide an update. I now have a Cancellation Policy. This Cancellation Policy comes into effect whenever a client cancels their involvement in a field tour that I, the guide, will be proceeding with. If I, the guide, cancel the tour, I will do my best to postpone it. Please note that clients are in no way obligated to make a cancellation payment for a tour that is cancelled by I, the guide. This Cancellation Policy is effective immediately (4 March 2021). Please see the below details:


For cancellations received 3 or more days out from the tour, clients are not obliged to make a payment.


For cancellations received 2 days out from the tour, a client must pay 50% of the cost of the tour.


For cancellations received 1 day out from the tour, a client must pay 75% of the cost of the tour.


For day-of cancellations, a client must pay 100% of the cost of the tour.


Good birding!

Jon Ruddy

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