A Bird Nerd’s Guide to Spring Arrivals in Ottawa

A Bird Nerd’s Guide to Spring Arrivals in Ottawa 

I have produced line graphs for arrival dates, based on the outright abundance of sightings in Ottawa during a set-number of study years (in this case, my output would reflect the past ten years: 2011-2020).

This data is very helpful in determining when species arrive in the Nation’s Capital. You will be able to clearly understand when species begin to arrive, and when they peak in numbers, using the graphs (derived from local birders’ data over the past ten years). Under each graph, I provide a caption. For rare species, I include additional information in the caption, outlining some of the traditional areas in which to see the species.

I have produced a physical copy of the work to mail out to each client who is interested. This would ensure that the work is not shared freely to non-paying persons. If this concept is popular, I could produce similar springtime arrival guides to other areas, such as Kingston or Prince Edward County. Additionally, I could produce proper fall guides to various sites, as well. All using eBird data!

If you are interested in receiving a copy of “A Bird Nerd’s Guide to Spring Arrivals in Ottawa County,” please email me.

The cost is $25.00 per copy.

Figure 1: Sample graph for herons (sans Great Blue) arrival times in Ottawa.

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