A Bird-finders Guide to Spring Arrivals in Ottawa


My latest guide is a guide to nearly all of the Spring Arrivals you’d expect to encounter in Ottawa. I have organized the guide in current taxonomical order (such as the order you’d observe when entering your eBird data, or when you’re leafing through a current field guide). The guide is best used in conjunction with A Bird Nerd’s Guide to Spring Arrivals. For location names, I use what is described in eBird. Therefore, readers can follow along, using eBird, when exploring eBird Hotspots. I did not add locations that were obscure and difficult to reach, or areas that are not at least somewhat visited by birders, just in case there is an emergency and you need cellphone reception, and so on. The sites I have included are well known by avid birders. When searching for locations and directions, use eBird’s Hotspot search. Type in the location name and you’ll get a homepage for that particular birding site. From that homepage, you can learn a great deal about the site, including directions-to, species high counts, recent checklists, total species at that particular hotspot, and so on. For each species, I included the four-letter Alpha Code; learning these codes is very helpful when it comes to taking quick notes while in the field, or for when you’re uploading your eBird data after a day of birding. The next bracket I include is the status on the frequency of observation in our area. In this guide, I describe birds as Common, Slightly Uncommon, Uncommon, Scarce, Rare, Very Rare, and Extremely Rare. I chose the status based on how readily each species is observed in the Ottawa area during the spring birding period. The sites I have included in this guide are some of the top sites that come to mind, but birds are by no means confined to these spaces! Remember to use eBird as the amazing tool that it is, and “think like a bird” when it comes to other birding sites within the city (and beyond). It is my hope that you enjoy this short guide as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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