Awareness in Birding

Awareness in Birding

Looking at a spectrum of birdwatchers, from purist photographers at one end to purist birders at the other, one would likely note that there’s a whole lot of intermixing of birding goals and pursuits in between the two extremes. Everything comes to a head at central birding sites (like Mud Lake, for example), and differing personalities with differing ambitions meet head-on in the same space. This may sometimes create tension and tension may sometimes create division. Not sure about you, but I’m not a fan of any level of division in the birding world!

I have decided to do my best to highlight and discuss some key trouble areas. “Awareness in Birding” is the title of my next webinar. My focus would be two-parted: awareness for those who are also birdwatching (either in the same birding group, or those who happen to be using the same birding patch), and awareness of bird behaviour. I will weave a theme of birding ethics into the discussion, and include as many useful tips and considerations as I can think of throughout the discussion.

The cost for the webinar (unlisted video link) is $20. The fee covers the time spent gathering and organizing materials, creating the accompanying PDF document, presenting, and fielding follow-up questions.

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