Fall Webinar Series: Flycatcher Identification

Eastern Ontario Birders:

I am happy to announce that I will be availing a Flycatcher Identification webinar. Flycatcher ID is subtle and involves training one’s eye to focus on key details. With practice, flycatcher ID will not be anywhere near as daunting as it once was. For this webinar, you will follow along with your field guide(s) as I discuss the ID of each species. What I will endeavour to do is simplify difficult ID’s by suggesting what to focus on in the form of a primary and secondary identifier index. I will also provide the approximate migration window for each species, as well as their status within eastern Ontario (i.e., common, uncommon, scarce, rare, very rare, etc.) I will move slowly through the material, and pause after each species’ overview, to give you time to type/write information. A lot of what can be conveyed comes down to impressions from time spent in the field with these difficult bird groups. I will do my best to add my own personal touch (vs. regurgitate what is written in field guides)

The cost for this tutorial is $20. The webinar will be available by way of unlisted (not publicly viewable) video link, sent to your email. You’ll be able to view, pause and rewind the video to your liking. It will be available indefinitely, after the original airing date. Payment is made via e-transfer to eontbird@gmail.com.

To indicate that you’d like to receive this webinar when it becomes available, please use the provided sign-up form

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