Winter Birding Tips and Tricks

Hi there
Before I finish November and December tours and bow out for the year, I would like to produce another webinar; this one would be on making the most of winter birding. I’d include tips on how to find owls, when and where to birdwatch (and what to consider, when choosing), how to dress for winter birding, what to pack for winter birding, etc. I thought it’d be fun for my wife to film me in the field for a few of the tips, including how to search for owls. I’d include a discussion of the ethical approach to owl-finding and information sharing, etc, as well.
If you’re interested, please use this sign-up tab, to confirm your registration. The webinar will be sent by way of an unlisted (not publicly viewable) video link.
The cost would be $25 per person. Payment would be made by mailed cheque, and or by e-transfer to this email address.


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