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We are only three to four weeks out from the first migrants arriving back to Ottawa (Ring-billed Gull and “Prairie” Horned Lark)! New in 2022, I will be offering a bundle of the two PDFs I created last spring: A Bird Nerd’s Guide to Spring Arrivals in Ottawa (details, with line graphs, the arrival time and relative number-of, individual species within the Ottawa area) and A Bird-finder’s Guide to Spring Arrivals in Ottawa (details where to find each species within the region, and how common they are in the Ottawa area). The two guides function well together as a resource for birding in the National Capital Region. The cost for the bundle is $45. The cost for each item, individually, is $25 per. To make a purchase, simply send me an email at

Sample page photos are posted below:

Photo: A screen-shot of A Bird Nerd’s Guide to Spring Arrivals in Ottawa.

Photo: A screen-shot of A Bird-finder’s Guide to Spring Arrivals in Ottawa.

Itineraries Overview

One of the great values of having a birding guide at the helm is being able to sit back and enjoy the birds, without having to deal with all of the logistics and planning that goes into any successful outing. Well, I am happy to be of service, right from my office chair! I am availing of a new service: custom-built itineraries. If you’re wondering when and where to bird, targeting specific species, or planning a birding trip on your own or with friends, I’d be happy to provide you with an itinerary. The itinerary would include: a weather overview, suggested route, suggested birding stops, and pitstop locations/food and drink suggestions as per request. The itinerary will be provided to you in PDF form, for ease of use (saving, organizing on your computer and printing). For my rate, please contact me by email. To have an itinerary produced, simply send an email and we’ll go from there! For a sample Itinerary, please click here.


Southwestern Ontario Peak Spring Birding Itinerary

Birders have been asking about tours to Pelee/Rondeau/and Long Point this year. I will not be travelling to southwestern Ontario this May, but, I will be offering a new service. A multi-day itinerary to southwestern Ontario. The itinerary will include excellent spring birding sites in Windsor, the Point Pelee birding area, the Rondeau area, and also Long Point. I will include recommended hotels, as well as recommended food/drink locations within each area. The itinerary will be built to be used during peak spring migration (i.e. the end of the first week of May to late May). The flat rate for this itinerary is $150. For all inquiries/purchases, contact me by email 🙂

The itinerary will be available for purchase until mid-May 2022.

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