Private Tours

Private tour bookings are available! Private tours have a minimum of 2 clients. Before the tour, please be sure to check the weather ahead of the tour and dress accordingly. Please pack a lunch, snacks, water, coffee/tea etc, sunscreen, field guides, extra socks, dry clothes (in case it rains) and so on. To book a private tour, be in touch by email at 


My regularly-scheduled tours cost $140 per person for a full day (8 hrs, with a lunch break, factored in). Logistics/research time and distance driven (gas cost) are factored into private tour pricing, as well as the intimate setting of having a professional birding guide all to yourselves. Shorter private tours (i.e. 4-6 hour tours) are available upon request, as well; the pricing for those will be determined once the details of the tour are discussed. Some sample full-day private tour prices (for 2-5 clientele) are:

Full-day tour in Ottawa: $160 per person.

Full-day tour in Upper Canada Region: $160 per person.

Full-day tour in Renfew County: $175 per person.

Full-day tour in Kingston: $175 per person.

Full-day tour in Montreal: $175 per person.

Full-day tour in Pembroke: $175 per person.

Full-day tour in Presqu’ile Park/PEC: $200 per person.

Full-day tour in Algonquin Park: $200 per person.

Good birding,

Jon Ruddy

Owner and Guide at Eastern Ontario Birding

Guided bird tours throughout eastern Ontario and beyond!