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“Looking” at Similar Songs

Differentiating the Trilling Songsters

Non-traceable Alarm Calls

Bird “Duets”

Fox Sparrow alarm call

Chestnut-sided Warbler in song–more than meets the ear

Scarlet Tanager “alarm” call

“Babbling” in the Bush

Blue-headed Vireo “teeweh” call 

Dark-eyed Junco “flock” call

Sedge Wrens–Tales from a Nomadic Improvisor

Eastern heron flight calls

Eastern woodpecker drums

Eastern shorebird flight calls


“Experts” make mistakes, too

The Sunlit Edge

Stay on that Bird

Winter birding tip

Nature’s Birdbath

Using cautionary prefixes when describing birds

Colour Misconception

Bush-birding tip

Following Birds’ Glances


Common vs. Red-breasted Merganser ID notes

Goldeneye ID–Cryptic Barrow’s and “yellow-billed” Common

Cackling Geese in the East

“Richardson’s” Cackling Goose with a white neck collar

“Richardson’s” Cackling Geese in Flight

Ross’s Goose ID notes

Fall Waterfowl in the Ottawa Valley

Leucistic Long-tailed Duck at Sandbanks Provincial Park

Birds of Prey 

“Northern” Red-tailed Hawk ID 

“Northern” Red-tailed Hawk ID note

“Northern” Red-tailed Hawk additional thoughts

“Brown” Eagle ID notes

Golden Eagle at a Distance

Cooper’s Hawk ID tip

Cooper’s vs. Sharp-shinned ID note

“Micro” Cooper’s Hawk ID

Northern Goshawk ID notes

Peregrine Falcon hunting a Merlin


Great Horned Owls in winter

Where and When to Hear a “Hoot” in the National Capital Region


Least vs. Yellow-bellied Flycatcher ID

“Moss Tyrant” Appreciation Week

Hawking at Dusk


Tree Swallow vs. Bank Swallow ID in summer

Juvenile Northern Rough-winged Swallow ID


Baird’s Sandpiper ID notes

Black-bellied Plover ID notes

Separating the Yellowlegs

American Woodcock tip


Archilochus Hummingbird in Constance Bay


Alarm & contact calls of the Catharus thrushes

Bicknell’s Thrush ID notes

Notes on the ID of Catharus thrushes


Golden-crowned Kinglet ID note


Philadelphia Vireo plumage in spring


Palm Warbler subspecific ID notes

Mourning Warbler–first fall plumage ID notes

Bay-breasted vs. Blackpoll warblers in Fall

“Late” warbler appreciation month


“Greater” vs “Southern” Common Redpoll bill shape

Purple Finch “vireo song”


Field Sparrow silhouette ID notes

Juvenile Swamp vs. Song sparrow ID

Juvenile Lincoln’s vs. Swamp ID notes

A tale of two Savannah’s

“Eastern” White-crowned Sparrow ID notes

Buntings & Larks

Notes on Snow Bunting plumage

Tanagers & Grosbeaks

Interesting facts about Scarlet Tanagers


Bullock’s vs. Baltimore Oriole–ID of females in winter

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