Consulting Services

Consultation Services/Other Specializations

I am available throughout the year to conduct bio-inventories. In terms of field ornithology, I specialize in Species at Risk surveys, nest searching and point count surveys. I have recently become a Research Associate at the Canadian Museum of Nature, and I’ll be specializing in the study of lichens during my tenure there. I am available for the inventory of lichen biota, as well as Species at Risk surveys (such as Physconia subpallida surveys). For the most up-to-date overview of my work history, please view my LinkedIn profile.

Photo: Pale-bellied Frost Lichen (Physconia subpallida) in Eastern Ontario. This species is currently recognized as Endangered in Canada under the federal Species at Risk Act.

Photo: Cupped Fringe Lichen (Heterodermia hypoleuca) in Eastern Ontario. This species is currently listed as S2 (imperiled) in Ontario. It is being reviewed by COSEWIC as a potential candidate for provincial or federal protection as a Species at Risk.

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