Betty Michalowski: On each EOB field trip I have taken I am continually amazed with Jon’s recognition of bird voices, his ability to locate a bird out of thin air ( as the group turns to one another and says –  “How the  . . . did he find/see that?”) and the breadth and studied depth of his knowledge of birds. Jon, it is how readily you share your knowledge, the time you take checking in with each client, your patience answering a beginning birder’s repeated question and most definitely your enthusiasm that will keep this novice birder a continuing client.

Bree Tucker: Jon is an excellent guide with an ear for even the subtlest of nuances between species. His holistic knowledge of the birds, their migration patterns, effects of wind currents & weather on bird behaviour, and ability to locate the bird is unparalleled. He makes everyone feel at home, from the greenest birders to the most experienced, and takes the time to truly teach his clients.  His respect and passion for birding shines through; it’s always a great time and I am already looking forward to the next outing!

Brian Belliveau: Jon is an amazing birding guide who generously shares his encyclopedic knowledge of all things birds. Whether by sight or sound, you can always count on Jon to identify any bird that races by or calls out in the distance. I learn so much every time I go birding with Jon.

Derek Dunnett: Jon doesn’t just find birds for you.  He’ll help you become a better birder if that’s what you want, with tips on id, behaviour, tools, locations and time.  I’ve picked up not just a dozen lifers on outings with Jon, but a lot of facts and some skill.  My friends and I have used that knowledge–and his email tips–to go out and find birds for ourselves.

Greg Froude:  For those from outside Ontario I would highly recommend contacting Eastern Ontario Birding before making plans for an Ontario birding trip.  I am a birder originally from the St. John’s area of Newfoundland. Jon has helped me get two lifers which do not appear on the Nature Newfoundland & Labrador Checklist (2016) of the Birds of Insular Newfoundland. These are BARRED OWL and RICHARDSON’S CACKLING GOOSE. He as also helped me get lifers of species which are listed as VERY RARE to RARE by Newfoundland standards (ten or less records for the island). These include CERULEAN WARBLER, UPLAND SANDPIPER, REDHEAD, TUNDRA SWAN and LONG-BILLED DOWITCHER. For those Newfoundlanders on a short visit Jon also has the expertise to help one quickly rack up the lifers which are common for Ontario but do not occur in Newfoundland (PILEATED WOODPECKER and EASTERN SCREECH-OWL) or are listed as RARE in Newfoundland (WHITE-BREATSED NUTHATCH, NORTHERN CARDINAL, PURPLE MARTIN, and RED-TAILED HAWK). Therefore, if you are from “the Rock” and are going to be in or around the Ottawa area for a birding trip I highly recommend contacting Jon Ruddy for a guaranteed lifer or two!

Janet McCullough: Jon has a wonderful blend of knowledge and excitement about birds and has a passion to share this with his clients no matter what level of birder they are.  As someone who says he is not academically inclined, he is amazingly well read on the subject of birding and has a wealth of experience in the field.He is respectful and considerate of his participants and responsive to the birding conditions which ensures a wonderful outing whether the target birds have been cooperative or not.  I have truly enjoyed all my outings with him over the past 3 years.

Jean Wylie: Jon offers everything you would ever want in a birding guide and teacher – extensive knowledge which he shares generously, great eyes and ears to find those birds, a wonderful sense of humour, curiosity, enthusiasm and patience. Whether you are a novice birder or someone with years of experience you will have a fun learning experience.  Thank you Jon for introducing me to some birding spots in Ottawa that were new to me.

Judy Rash: I have been fortunate enough to be on a number of excursions lead by Jon. He is a skilled birder. He is enthusiastic, fun and attentive to the needs of his group. Not only can Jon find birds with his excellent birding ear or his extraordinary vision, he works hard to ensure that everyone in the group has success. Whenever I want to join a group birding outing, my first thought is “check Jon’s schedule”!

Karen Schwinghamer: Jon is detailed and generous in sharing his extensive knowledge about birds.  He also happens to be a personable and considerate guide.  Whether you’re a beginner or advanced birder, you will learn something new. Highly recommend an outing with him.

Karine Scott: I’m just RAVEN about Jon! If you’re yearning for the ultimate Bird Nerd experience, look no further than Eastern Ontario Birding! Jon Ruddy provides a very knowledgeable and Pheasant experience for all levels of bird watching!  Guiding you through the best trails, wet lands & forests. His extensive experience as both a field biologist and field naturalist with years of study make him an encyclopedia of bird knowledge and behavior. He provides a wealth of information and fun facts that really enriched my experience in a casual, relaxed, easy to understand way. I would never have seen such an abundance of bird life without Jon. So give Eastern Ontario Birding a try! You won’t egret it!

Sheila Craig: I was fortunate to find Jon Ruddy right when I started getting interested in birding.  His enthusiasm and friendliness make outings really fun even as a “newbie”. His knowledge about birds goes way beyond identification, and he is happy to share his vast store of information on the habits and lives of bird species. His ability to spot and identify birds is amazing, including sub-species, hybrids and variations.  He goes the extra mile to make an outing a success for his clients while showing great respect for birds and other wildlife. I highly recommend Jon as a guide. 

Weldon Flemming: My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our tour with Jon as the guide. Jon is such a professional, knowledgeable and personable individual, and his ability to spot birds and instantly give you a quick bio on each bird was uncanny and very impressive. He’s an excellent guide and we would highly recommend that those interested in photographing wildlife, request that Jon Ruddy be your guide.

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