Subscriber’s Lounge

Welcome to Eastern Ontario Birding’s Subscriber’s Lounge! The Subscriber’s Lounge is a subscription area on my website. Within this password-protected area, subscribers may browse a variety of threads, including all the emails I send saved in PDF form, Migration Timing, Identification topics, Weather reports in the form of video tutorials, Birdsong topics, and Birding locations.  Emails: I email the group of any interesting weather developments and importantly, of interesting bird finds. I have this email thread set up on my phone, so I can email the group instantly while still in the field. Rare Birds: The group are instantly notified of birds of interest, regional and provincial rarities. Google Group: Subscribers are added to the subscription service Eastern Ontario Birding Google group.

Screenshots of sample material: See attached photos below for a sneak peak of what’s inside…

Cost: Only $20.00 and is paid annually, either by cheque or by email money transfer.

 How to subscribe? Simply contact me by email at



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