Presqu’ile Park & PEC Trip Report

Saturday, March 24, 2018

10:00 AM to 6:30 PM

Although weeks of persistent northerlies preceded this event, the birding was still quite good throughout the day, with Presqu’ile Provincial Park leading the way in terms of species diversity. Once again, Bayshore Road from the marsh lookout to Salt Point, provided birders with a great opportunity to view Aythya ducks in close. Canvasback and Redhead, as well as Greater Scaup, showed very well! We had a great collection of ducks throughout the day, especially considering the weather conditions. The only drawback was that the waterfowl were no longer as concentrated, as now vast open stretches of water have provided birds with the freedom to roam. The west and southwest edge of Prince Edward County provided beautiful scenery, as well as some neat birds, including a Snowy Owl. Long-tailed Ducks were showing beautifully at Wellington Harbour, and East Lake in Sandbanks Provincial Park was loaded with waterfowl, albeit with most at a great distance. We finished our fun day of birding off with an excellent meal at The Waterfront River Pub & Terrace in Napanee. Our motel, The Fox Motor Inn, turned out to be luxurious and really did deserve its near-5 out of 5 rating on Google ratings! I highly recommend staying here.

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Presqu’ile PP:

Presqu’ile PP:

Presqu’ile, Calf Pasture:

PEC, Pleasant Bay:

PEC, Loyalist Parkway:

PEC, Wellington Beach:

PEC, Sandbanks PP:

PEC, East Lake, boat launch:

Adolphustown Ferry:

Greater Napanee: