Owl Prowl Trip Report

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

7:00 PM to 11:00 PM

A group of birders headed on a mild and calm evening, endeavouring to see and hear American Woodcocks and owls. Our first stop of the night, just off Rifle Rd., produced a Northern Shrike and six displaying American Woodcocks! For all present, the woodcock were our first-of-season observations of this species. As a rule, the final days in March are a great time to begin to look and listen for American Woodcock in the Ottawa area. After birding the Shirleys Bay area, we headed S to the Richmond area and conducted an Owl Prowl. Our first stop was along Bleeks Road, where, in the past, Barred Owls have been tallied here. No luck for our group, so we moved along. We tried a spot along Conley Road, and again, no luck. At our next stop, however, we had two (possibly three!) species of owl: Great Horned, Northern Saw-whet and Barred Owl! Kettles at Munster, as well as the east end of Kettles, have been great locations for multiple owl species over the years. We had several more stops, all along Munster Road, with no owl vocalizations heard. It was a great night out with birding friends, and we were all delighted to hear owls calling in the darkness of the night. There is something special about standing in darkness with a group of birders, listening for owls calling out into the night.

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