Shirleys Bay Waterfront Trail Trip Report

Tuesday, April 24

8:30 AM to 1:30 PM

A very enjoyable spring birding outing with birding friends, new and old. Eastern Ontario is now right in the thick of spring migration, and birding is once again truly enthralling. Shirleys Bay Trail 10 provided good birding and a nice two-hour morning walk. We managed just a hair under 50 species along this trail; a good tally for the time of year. Next up, we birded the boat launch at Shirleys Bay. Two breeding plumage Horned Grebes and three Common Loons were nice to see through our scope views. An assortment of other sightings later, we made our way east, to Dick Bell Park. At Dick Bell, we observed a flock of Purple Martins as well as three Snowy Owls. Mixed-species groups of ducks were present on the Ottawa River, as well. We finished our day off by birding the ridge at Britannia C.A., where Betty Michalowski found our best (in terms of rarity, etc) bird of the day: a Marsh Wren! This is on the early side for Marsh Wren in Ottawa County, and the location is quite unusual. Another great birding day. Thanks, all!

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