Renfrew County Trip Report

Thursday, May 31

8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

A great day with EOB friends birding some excellent sites throughout Renfrew County! We managed to see 83 species of birds including some really nice highlight species, such as Grasshopper Sparrow, Mourning Warbler and Golden-winged Warbler. Our views of some of our highlights were downright stonking, as well (the singing Mourning Warbler comes to mind, completely unaided by use of playback, as well). We birded the Cobden “prairie” then made our way to some nice marsh sites. We eventually ended up in transitional forest (Great Lakes/St Lawrence transitioning into southern Boreal) along Barron Canyon Road; transitional forest birding often makes for a nice mix of bird species! This was my first time with this route and I really, really liked it; this tour will be on the schedule again next spring, that’s for sure. Thanks, everyone, for a great day 🙂

eBird Checklists

Muskrat Lake (AM):

Pit Road:

Snake River Line:

Ross Road Marsh:

Micksburg Road:

Barron Canyon Road:

Pembroke Marina:

Muskrat Lake (PM):