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Mass exodus of waterbirds out of James Bay

Good morning,


Some exciting weather events lately!


A winter storm is hitting James Bay at present. As you’re reading this, it will be snowing in Fort Albany. The system will be pushing east, hurried along by an Arctic front. I’d watch for a loon flight on Sunday morning, along with late-season shorebirds, Brant, goldeneye, scaup, scoters, etc. The very tail end of today’s birding could be quite interesting, just after the thunderstorms are through. I wonder to myself if an early Purple Sandpiper is possible on Sunday morning. Checking the river at Andrew Haydon Park, Britannia Pier and Britannia Filtration Plant (Deschenes Rapids) might turn up some goodies. You can be sure that other crazy birders are on to this weather system and will be checking the river carefully. Speaking of crazy birders, I might quietly slip out of bed on Sunday morning and head on out and chase the bird dragon for a few hours! Watch for interesting and exciting eBird reports throughout the day today and tomorrow. Refresh this page every now and then; this is the Ottawa eBird Rare Bird Alert:¬†


An additional reminder is to think “southerners” today, if you’re out. The current system is hailing from the SW, extending uninterrupted (by precip, for example) from Kentucky. Wayward swallows (something like a Northern Rough-winged, for example), Forster’s Tern…..who knows what; keep an open mind and bird each bird carefully ūüôā


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NEW service: Field-birding Webinars

Online field-birding webinars with Eastern Ontario Birding!

I am excited to unveil this new and exciting service; EOB’s online field-birding webinars! Over a series of webinars, I will provide field-birding insights, facilitate ID discussion of difficult bird groups such as shorebirds, overview where-and-when to see certain birds, optical equipment and birding techniques, and discuss birding site Q’s and recommendations. This is a great opportunity to learn and grow in your field-birding knowledge. I encourage you to take notes and ask as many Q’s as possible during our time together. The length of each webinar will be approximately one hour. Please stay tuned for further details!

Please visit my Birding Webinars page for more details.

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Peak songbird migration in Ottawa

Tuesday, August 25: Today, we will enjoy peak fall songbird migration in Ottawa. Post-breeding dispersal will have taken place, meaning there will be an impressive scattering of bird varieties throughout, mingling with thousands of fall migrants from points further north. At this time of year, over 20 species of warblers can be observed in Ottawa. Peak warbler migration coincides with peak flycatcher, vireo, tanager and shorebird migration! This is a great time to get out and get birding in the National Capital Region.

What to pack: Please pack a cooler with your lunch, snacks and. Please also pack a mask, hand sanitizer/sanitizing wipes, hat, sunscreen, bug spray and a fold-up chair. Though optional, I recommend that participants wear their masks if we are a group of five.

Washrooms: Washroom facilities will be available throughout the tour. I will schedule washroom breaks every 90 minutes.

Meet-up time and location: Meet at 7:30 AM along Cassels Street near the entrance to Mud Lake.

Duration: 4-4.5 hours.

Cost: $65.00 per person

Registration for this event is now closed.