St Isidore: 10 Bald Eagles in a single field

Today (2 February 2016) at 1100 AM I observed 10 Bald Eagles (7 perched along a tree line and 3 in the nearby field) seen from Concession 21, looking N, just W of Renaud crossroad. The eagles were also seen by looking S from Concession 20, just W of Renaud. Not a rare species but a noteworthy congregation size and something quite striking to see through a scope and/or binoculars so I figured I would post. There were countless ravens present at the same site as the eagles and the nearby concession roads held Snowy Owls (7, most of which were immaculate white) and Rough-legged Hawks (5).


Photo: 7 Bald Eagles (6 adults and 1 immature) in a single scope view. Viewed here from Concession 21, looking N.