Birding Amherst Island

Hi there,

Today, 23 February 2016, I solo-birded Amherst Island. I approached the day with the ferocity and style similar to a day working a quadrant during a Christmas Bird Count. For the first time on Amherst, I carefully checked every feeder and also ‘pished’ frequently in suitable sparrow habitat. I continually scanned promising shrubbery adjacent to open water, as well.  Basically, I lifted my focus from the fields to the roadsides and roadside shrubbery a little more so. Many short stops throughout including more prolonged ones every 200 m or so along the south side of island, scanning open water.

Full species checklist:

Start conditions: – 8 C (- 14 with w.c.) NE wind, partial sun
End conditions: – 5 (-11 with w.c.) N wind, partial sun

Route: Front Rd. (west) to Emerald; Emerald to Concession 3; Concession 3 (west) to dead end; Concession 3 to Stella 40 then S; South Shore to Lower 40 then N to Front Rd.; Front to Stella 40 then S; Stella 40 to Concession 2 then west on Concession 2; U-turn on Concession 2 back to Stella then to ferry.

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