Interesting Facts about Scarlet Tanagers

Scarlet Tanagers typically showcase a ‘dawn song’ that is subtly different than their ‘day song.’ Their husky notes are separated by longer intervals, and the “chick-brr” call note is regularly sequenced into the repertoire (Kroodsma 2009). I first noticed this while sitting near my first point count of the day, waiting to get things underway. It was one of many beautiful moments at Frontenac P.P. last summer… sitting there under the beautiful deep blues of pre-dawn light, hearing a lazier-sounding, yet more sequenced, version of a Scarlet Tanager’s song.

Another neat fact: migrant males are known to sing while migrating during the night. Imagine hearing a Scarlet Tanager singing during the twilight hours? Well, it’s most certainly possible. Keep an ear out this May 🙂

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Photo: Scarlet Tanager. Murphys Point Provincial Park. 4 June 2015.


Kroodsma, Donald. 2009. Birdsong by the Seasons. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Boston New York.