Arctic Terns in Ottawa

The passage of Arctic Terns along the Ottawa River is an annual event which typically occurs from the last few days of May through to the first week of June. Their arrival coincides with the emergence of millions of caddisflies and mayflies; this is a great way to stock up before continuing northward. The ‘classic’ weather pattern to watch for (a Ron Pittaway ‘find’): a cold front in early June, halting northward migration and encouraging a stop at the Britannia Rapids all-u-can-eat fly buffet.

The birds Richard observed tonight are likely to remain in the area, so I highly recommend dropping by the point tomorrow sometime between 6:30 – 8:30 PM. There’s nothing quite like watching an Arctic Tern hawking over rapids late in the day 🙂


Photo: “Arctic Terns at Sea” by Philip Snow (…/artwork/12950)