Ottawa: Gyrfalcon

It appears as though the adult grey morph first seen in Ottawa, Ontario by Tony Beck and Nina Stavlund in early December, and once again seen on Christmas day, continues. A birder sent this image into the OFNC sightings line and it was forwarded over to (lucky) me. A good go-to on perched birds (if they are at all contentious as to their ID) is the wing-to-tail-length ratio; note how far short of the tail tip the wings are falling in this posture…not something you’d see on a Peregrine.

It was seen this afternoon (January 10th) from Britannia Point (Britannia Filtration Plant), which is the northeastern dead end of Cassels Street, just east of Mud Lake.

Photo: Adult Gyrfalcon with Mallard prey. Daniel Shaw. 10 January 2019.

Photo: Juvenile grey morph Gyrfalcon on the frozen-over Ottawa River, seen from Britannia Filtration Plant early in the afternoon on 11 January 2019. Eric Baldo.